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Monday Makeover: China Hutch

China Hutch Makeover
After - Beyond Paint in Pewter

Most of you remember that shortly before Christmas, I found an old china hutch and wanted to give it a little makeover. With 12 ft ceilings and one extremely large wall across the back of the room, I needed a bigger piece that would occupy some real estate. I knew as soon as I saw the Queen Anne beauty, that this was the piece...just not in its current state.

Secondhand China Hutch

Now, I am not a fan of painting all furniture. I feel like some pieces are meant to stay stained with a refined look and original intention. This was not one of those pieces, thank goodness. I purchased this hutch from a secondhand store for $130. I'm not sure the top originally came with the bottom, as they were two different stains if you look closely. The back of the hutch was also a cheap particle board that had a faux panel look but considering all, I knew I could make it something I would enjoy.

I used to paint furniture in my spare time so I knew the time and elbow grease it would take. I was not ready to strip and sand for hours so I scoured the internet to see if there were alternatives other than chalk paint. That is when I found Beyond Paint. They stated no stripping or sanding required so I crossed my fingers and hit the order button.

After finishing the piece, I was impressed with the results. The key was to clean the piece thoroughly. I opted for white vinegar and water and it worked beautifully.

I also lightly sanded the hutch, just in case I needed a little more sticking power around the shelves and I am glad I did. FYI...even though it isn't needed, the paint does stick much better to the sanded parts. You don't have to spend hours on sanding. Just go over it enough to make it a little rougher so the paint has something to adhere to.

Below is the Beyond Paint in Pewter. They recommend using a roller, which I did, and then I used a brush to fill in the smaller pockets.

The paint is super thick so it doesn't take much for coverage. It will also have a textured look when applied but as it dries, it settles into the nooks and crevices, and the finished product is smooth with a semi-gloss look. I probably could have gotten by with two coats but used three for desired color.

While everything was drying, I tackled the back panel of the hutch. I wanted more than paint and decided on wallpaper, that way I could easily switch to another look in the future. I opted for a metallic gold leopard peel & stick. It doesn't get much easier folks.

To make it a little more custom, I also ordered antique brass hardware. I added brass tassels to the top and a beautiful set of lion's head pulls to the bottom. It wasn't needed but I thought I'd make it a little more me.

I was able to paint inside because there are no toxic fumes. Normally I would not, even with the no fumes, but it was cold and I wanted it done. Hello impatient! haha It took up my family room for two days but it was well worth it.

Once I finished, it was just a matter of getting it in place and decorated. I love the way it turned out and that I have an additional space to display my treasures. I even added a lamp on the top because this area is so dark. A few have told me they are not a fan of the lamp that high but I adore it. We all have our own styles and that is what makes a space beautiful...tailoring it to what you like.

I'd love to hear about some pieces you've redone. Are you thinking about doing one now? I redo every now and again so this definitely won't be my last makeover. Stay tuned and until then....XO Jennifer

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