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Grandmillennial - New Term but Timeless Interiors

Grandmillennial (GM) is a fairly new term but those with this design style are bringing granny chic back to life! What this means is that a younger generation (younger than me anyway) has found the beauty in vintage/antiques, chintz, florals, wallpaper, and a classic way of decorating their homes. It's intentional, never thrown together on a whim, and the aesthetics are breathtaking.

In a day where all white, farmhouse decor and shiplap have overtaken much of the interior spaces, it is a breath of fresh air to see prints and patterns taking the spotlight again. For some of us, it's always been front and center. I guess that means we have been granny chic all along.

My grandmother didn't have much in the form of money but somehow her home was always impeccably decorated. She loved the thrill of the hunt for beautiful pieces, which meant garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales. In a day where there was no internet or online stores, it was a true quest to find antiques but she somehow pulled it off seamlessly. She would tell me about every item and what she thought the history may be. She would lovingly place piece after piece in their rightful spot and just stand back and smile at her finds. Her collections brought her such joy and now, so do mine.

Blue and white porcelains are my favorite collection but I also collect bust statues, Staffordshire pups or Wally Dogs, and I love a pretty wicker/rattan piece. My collections are defined. Some may call them over-the-top, especially with the number of blue and white pieces that I have, but I call them carefully curated.

With grandmillennial style, the sky's the limit when it comes to collections. It could be blue and white, rose medallion, or vintage French linens but more often than not, this space boasts a timeless feel with modern flair. For example...needlepoint is an art and many have cherished these heirloom pieces for generations but did grandma have a needlepoint pillow that said "Maybe Swearing Will Help". No? Well welcome to the cheeky side of GM!

Remember those whimsical pieces we discussed on a previous post? This is where the grandmillennial shines. Classically fun, I would say. Adding something unexpected is the key to the GM vision board. Although a timeless style, it is all about keeping things fresh. This could include: abstract art, brighter colors, a mixture of toile and animal print, or even wicker animals.

Are you ready for the grandmillennial trend? And I use the term trend loosely...

Here are few must haves for your interiors:

  1. Florals, Toile or Chintz - Whether wallpaper, fabrics, decor pieces or a mixture of all at once, adding one or all of these is a necessity.

  2. Chinoiserie Porcelains - Blue and white (my personal favorite), rose medallion, Imari or tobacco leaf adds that look of years gone by and adds sophistication and old world charm to a room.

  3. Cane, Wicker and Rattan - Place a wicker basket of vintage quilts by a cabinet, add cane back chairs to a dining table, or invest in rattan lamps or shades to add a mix of natural in order to "ground" the room.

  4. Brass - Brass is didn't know? Grab a little Bar Keeper's Friend and let it shine!

  5. Pleats and/or Ruffles - Forget the matchy matchy nightstands and opt for a round table with pleats...adding a chintz or toile cover over an underskirt would work perfectly here.

  6. Needlepoint - Have fun hunting for these vintage beauties or learn the art of needlepoint and make your own.

  7. Intentional Collections - The GM style embraces designated collections. Again, intention is everything.

I am all in! Even though I am not a millennial, I can/am certainly 100% in on the grandmillennial style. Many of us have been on this train for a long time and didn't even know it. Although the term was originally introduced in 2019, it is not going anywhere and honestly that makes me as happy as my grandmother was with her collections.

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