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Five on Friday: 2021 Trends

Good morning beautiful people! It's time for another Five on Friday and today and I am talking about five of my favorite decor trends for 2021. I wouldn't say that I am a fan of "trends" when it comes to interiors but I feel like these will stand the test of time...I hope.

Trend #1: Vintage Decor

Oh hello vintage! This is not a trend for me, as I have been decorating with vintage and antique items since I was old enough to know what that meant but for some, everything in the home needs to be new. As Patsy Stone would say, "One should never be the oldest thing in one's home." Amen and pass the biscuits and gravy.

Whether your style is farmhouse chic, palm beach regency, mid century modern or moody and fabulous, vintage items bring character to a space. Unique pieces, or those from decades ago, really give your home that extra something. Finding pieces that you love is also important.

Even though we are talking trends, don't always pick trendy items. Pick pieces that speak to you and then curate your collection over time. You will have a home filled with meaningful pieces that speak to you and may also be a conversation starter for others.

Trend #2: Statement Headboards & Canopies

I can get behind this trend because it seems like we are taking a page out of interior inspirations from years gone by and with good reason. Decadence is not just for boutique hotels or bed & breakfasts anymore. The luxe look can be a beautiful focal point in the bedroom.

If you are a fan of the show Southern Charm, interiors of Charleston or of Mario Buatta, you've probably seen the exquisite boudoir of Patricia Altschul. The cornflower blues and feminine grandeur mix is a lovely statement and while this look can be overpowering for some, choose the right mix and blend for you and enjoy the brilliance you create.

Trend #3: The Beverage Trolley

The beverage trolley, or as we like to call them in our household "The Bar Cart", has been making a comeback over the last couple of years. I'm sorry...did this decor staple ever really leave? Nonetheless, we are openly embracing this so called trend. Portable and classic, pick a piece that fits your decor style and have fun loading it up with fabulous barware, trays and all the cute accessories. Note: This is the perfect place for a few of those vintage finds we discussed in Trend #1!

Trend #4: Wicker & Rattan Furniture

Wicker is not just for outdoor living in 2021. Normally associated with a boho design, "Rattan and wicker details are on their way in," according to Ross Thompson, who is an interior designer at QE Home. "These natural materials add warmth and lightness to home decor." Traditionalists

will love the addition.

Rattan furniture is made from woven palm stems, and wicker pieces are typically made of woven willow twigs. Both styles are lightweight and can work indoors easily. From lampshades to chairs to coffee table trays, you'll definitely want to incorporate these bits of natural elements into your home this year.

Since wicker and rattan have both been a part of design for centuries, searching for vintage pieces can be a fun way to add these elements in a budget friendly way. Remember our post on Facebook Marketplace? It may be a good place to start hunting. Hint hint!

Trend #5: Cozy Spaces

In life there are minimalists and maximalists. I tend to fall somewhere in between depending on which room in my home we are discussing but in 2021, trends are leaning towards the maximalist side of things. With the bear that was 2020, people realized they needed more comfortable spaces and to really LIVE in their home.

Surround yourself with the things you love: art, collection pieces, transferware, pillows. Keep in mind that even though cozy, it should still be curated and polished. You want a beautiful space with a purpose. Wrap up and enjoy your cozy corner of the world and embrace the inviting space you've created.

That wraps up another Five on Friday. I can't wait to hear about what you do or have done to your home so far in 2021. Are you on trend?

Next week I will be taking you to five of my favorite places in Mississippi...spoiler alert...we have so many beautiful abandoned towns and grand homes that intrigue me and I can't wait to show you some of my Mississippi. Until then, have an oh so fabulous weekend and do something nice for yourself! You deserve it. XO Jennifer

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