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Always add a Conversation Piece

As we get started with the blog, I am pondering my own design/decor choices and will be sharing those with you before we highlight other bloggers, IG accounts and create a collection of inspirational photos to assist you in making your own choices. To begin, I try to have something black in each room for a classic baseline and also one whimsical piece. A little whimsy is not only fun but it is most often a conversation starter with guests.

A whimsical piece doesn't have to be kitschy. For example, it could be a fun needlepoint pillow or piece of framed art, a classic bust statue painted a fun color, or an heirloom piece that has great meaning but doesn't necessarily fit your decor. The possibilities are endless and as long as you love it that's really all that matters. Note: Buy what you love and you will find a place for it!

I'd love to know what fun pieces you already have in your home or stories that have come from displaying them proudly. Personally, I have a silver ram/antelope/deer (we've never quite figured it out) statue that looks much like a trophy. I found it on the cheap at a flea market and for some reason I fell in love with it. It doesn't match a thing in my home but it is a focal point in my master. It's been lovingly deemed "The Billy Goat" and I move him from room to room as the mood strikes me. Everyone that has seen it always picks it up asking what it is.'s something I love and that's the only explanation I have. Haha It normally generates a few chuckles and a "cool" from onlookers and that makes me smile.

I look forward to hearing about your fun finds! Send pics or it didn't happen. ;) Happy happy! XO Jennifer

The Billy Goat

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