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A Little Hiatus & a Little Travel

Linlithgow, Scotland Peaceful & beautiful

Life has a way of throwing you for a loop, doesn't it? Last year I made the decision to step back from my home decor shop. I had mounting stress in my life that started when my daddy passed away. In being mindful of reading time, needless to say it was ROUGH. Everything in my life was piling up and anxiety was literally unbearable. In January I gave it all to God.

Since then I have had a peace and I have really taken the time to work on me. I also completed my first solo travel adventure to Scotland and it was amazing! Prior to the trip, I knew that I wanted to start up my decor business again in some capacity but get back to my roots in vintage decor.

That brings us to today and the reason for the blog...I'm am at it again! It will be in a smaller capacity and it will be in the midst of traveling domestically and internationally. I will bring you vintage finds from my travels. I will still have some new products but they will be classic and timeless. I don't want to sell trends or everything that everyone else is housing. I want shopping with the chateau to be a memorable much as it can be through shipping and social media.

Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott during my visit to Scotland

I hope you will continue on this journey with me and I appreciate each of you SO MUCH! Over time, most items will be collected through international travels to bring you more unique finds. Until then, you will see me posting on Intagram and Facebook again. I will be sharing a little about my travels as "The Traveling Chatelaine" and engaging you with live Q & As. I also have a few collaborations up my sleeve and I am in the process of offering Caroline Chateau exclusive products.

I will not set a dateline on when these things will be live, as I realized last time that the pressure I was putting on myself to meet deadlines just contributed to burnout. So stay tuned and I will post more about the above when the time comes.

So many have asked how to style items that I find so I will be creating blogs and posts around this along with a few more DIYs that you can do at home. OOOOOOO I love a good DIY. It truly creates your own unique sense of style in your own home.

Stirling Castle, the Queen's Bed Chamber The castle was stunning!

That is is for right now! I have already posted the lastest finds on the website. You can reach those by clicking here. I hope you enjoy the new goodies!

I will have another vintage sale on July 15th and will then go bi-monthly with sales in September and November. In between, I will post newer items for you to browse.

I feel like I have a second wind and am thankful to be back and engaging my creative side. Let me know what you'd like to see in the upcoming months and until then....



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Cat Kelly
Cat Kelly
03 jun

So glad to have you back in the game and I love that you are going back to your vintage roots! Some of my very favorite pieces are from you. Smooches!!

Me gusta
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